We, the citizens of Singapore…

are nothing more than “mere mortals”.

we are “mollycoddled”.

we “spend too much in times of crisis”.

we do not understand what it means to have “long term investments”.

we bitch and gripe too much about excessive transportation fares, even though we’re fortunate enough to have world class transportation systems in place – SMRT.

we whine and complain about rising GST (Goods and services tax), yet splurge $5000 on a new LV handbag during the great singapore sale.

we lack the intellect that our leaders posses and thus should not question wise decisions made by them.

we are a ungrateful bunch, and complain about the “rising costs of living” when there are “no poor people living in Singapore”.

We, the citizens of Singapore…

are “mollycoddled”, just like the thousands of taxi drivers driving at night, bleary eyed.

“spend too much in times of crisis”, like the old woman at the coffeeshop near my place who spends extravagantly on a plate of white rice with vegetables and a glass of plain water.

do not understand “long term investments” because we lack the “intellect” possessed by those who make decisions.

“bitch and whine about the rising transportation fees” because we’d rather drive our Mercedes Benz to work, much like how the CEO of SMRT does every day without fail.

“complain about rising GSTs” because the old uncle living above me has to think twice before buying his usual meat from the wet market because it has risen in price.

are an ungrateful bunch because we are too used to living in comfort – with GST implementations aimed at helping the poor, rising COE prices for us to afford cars, ERP gantries to grant us smooth and pleasant journeys towards town so that we could blow our 2 month paycheck on a LV handbag.

we are myopic, because there are no poor people in Singapore except for the few “ungrateful” individuals who refuse to upgrade their skills or find a job, much like the old lady i see sleeping on the benches near my house, or the old man who carries all his belongings in a tattered bag that serves as his pillow at night.

we are ignorant, because we have made the decision and kept THEM in power.

we are foolish, because we’re made to believe (and we do!) that their word is good as gold, and their decisions unquestionable.

we are helpless, because we made ourselves helpless, and because we have not yet found the balls to speak up, to step up, and to say, “Hey, its time that you guys moved on. It’s time that we chose who we want to be in power. It’s time for we, the citizens of Singapore, to make a stand, and to make an informed decision.”

It’s time for us, the citizens of Singapore, to leave our mollycoddled, ignorant, selfish and ungrateful lives behind, and to do what we have been encouraged to do, and to take control of our lives.