This usually happens when I’ve been studying a little too much alone at night, smoked one too many sticks and start thinking too much.

I’ve played for countless bands, did various genres, and I do believe that I can hold my own when it comes to musicality… but recently I’ve felt my own musicality go stale, stagnant, if you may.

I’m not content with just keeping a 2 and 4 back beat, though it IS the basis of most, if not all, pop/rock songs. I’m not content with “being” different, hitting all the upbeats and throwing in syncopated beats.

I’m not content with playing what people think I should play in a song, simply because I’m the drummer, and I know what sounds good, and what does not sound good!

Why is it so hard for people to understand that its not just about being creative, musical, or showing off as many chops as possible in a song… but more about playing stuff that suits the song, bringing out what the song really means – be it a really fast punk-rock groove, a simple 2 and 4 back beat, or a swing-esque groove.

Is it really that important to be different when you’re writing an original? Does the word simplicity not matter anymore?