What’s sad is that my bandmates from Lucille came down all the way from Punggol to support me… and I didn’t have the time to supper with them because I was too busy rushing around with Pulse.

What’s sad is that we didn’t manage to secure the first prize, and did not deserve a mere 2nd.

What’s sad is that we didn’t manage to do more than one song on stage, or to cast out any remaining doubts that we were THE band of the night, or that we were THE band amongst all other bands.

What’s sad is that after tonight, the black nail polish has got to come off, and I’ll just be THE drummer on stage.

What’s sad is that OUR friends came down from all parts of Singapore, after work, school or just made time to support us, but not a single person from the block or hall bothered coming down to support despite emails and messages via MSN.

What’s sad?

This is sad.