For those who’re consistently whining and bitching about how tough their life is/was during their days in National Service, here’s something to ponder on.

A little gist of what the above embedded video’s about…

The Satere-Mawe tribe in Brazil have a ritual, in which boys stick their hands into a woven glove filled with Paraponera clavata, or bullet ants, for 10 minutes. This ritual marks the transition from boy to man, and proves to the tribe that said boy is worthy of accepting adult roles, and proves to the tribe that he is worthy to be a warrior of the tribe. The sting from the ant holds the “honour” of being the most painful sting in the world, and any chance encounter with said stinger would result in a 24 hour wave of throbbing, undying pain. For the boys in the Satere-Mawe tribe, this ritual will have to be repeated 20 times before they can officially call themselves men of the tribe.

Here’s a second video I found on youtube with regards to an initiation ceremony.

In this video, the boys are subject to thousands of cuts with a razor blade all over their bodies to form patterns. These pre-initiates are then subject to humiliation and shame (from the video, it seemed that the initiated members of the tribe treated them with hardly any semblence of respect during the pre-initiation phase) until their wounds have fully healed, and they’re considered to be initiated into the tribe. Oh did I mention that the boys aren’t allowed to cry out loud while being cut?


Give me National Service anyday over sticking both my hands into gloves full of ants, thank you very much.