Yes I know I just posted, but this is too amazing to pass up. Lead by example, was the message delivered to all senior management in all sectors of the workforce, and said senior management were all encouraged to use retrenchment as the last resort. Senior management were encouraged to lead by example, and to take pay cuts, either deeper or similar to that imposed upon the non-mangerial workers, before putting such salary cuts into play.

I don’t think I’ll need to talk about the irony present in this very article, taking to consideration how much our ministers are bringing home every year as compared to the normal governmental servant working in the civil sector, like my dad for instance. $60-$72k a year as compared to $1.2m or more a year? It’s absurd that my dad takes a pay cut, whereas our ministers do not.

True, its undeniable that our ministers are the elites among the elites, with most of them holding Doctorates from foreign universities, much less deniable that they’ve done their role in governing Singapore, extremely well too, if I may add.

However, is it thus safe to say that civil sector workers such as my dad are no less important as compared to say, the Minister of Education? Without blue-collared or lower-level white-collared workers, will there be an IR to speak of? Will there be NUS to speak of?

If civil servants take a pay cut, and their immediate superiors take a deeper pay cut, why aren’t we seeing ministers taking a pay cut as well? They were the ones who imposed a self-declared salary hike, in a progressive package in the midst of the economic downturn, so now that Singapore’s experiencing a technical recession, why aren’t we seeing a self-declared pay cut?

Do they really expect to be treated as a cut above the rest, expecting the rest to take a pay cut to justify retrenchment and any form of “cost-saving” measures, while they’re taking home $1.2 million each year?

Lead by example please!