The Government recently announced plans to house foreign workers in dormitories converted over from old and unused state buildings such as schools, which would mean an increased in the number of public nuisance complains, loud and noisy bullshitting sessions at void decks, littering, and a migration of their culture (often ugly) over.

I’ve had friends who tell me not to be racist, and that these foreign workers – both the Banglas and the Tiongs, are here to work because they’re seeking a better future and a better life for themselves and their loved ones back at home, and because of that, we should take pity on them and emphatize with them.

In either 2 or 3 years time, I’ll be working to seek a better future, and to hopefully get a better life for myself and to provide for my family in the future. Who’s going to be looking out for me, and who’s gonna symphatize with me.

“Aww.. look Alvyn’s so tired because he’s been working so hard. Let me give him another $3000 on top of his salary each month because I can emphatize with him.”

But I digress.

Why should we pity them if they’re not making an attempt to integrate into society? When in Rome, do as the Romans do no?

Interesting story to share with my readers here. I took a bus from Harbourfront/Vivocity on Sunday night, and the bus stop was crammed with Bangladeshi workers waiting to grab a bus back to their shipyard dormitory. As expected, they were running up and down trying to cram into the buses, pushing, shoving and generally making a lot of noise. I let 3-4 buses pass before I decided to board 143. Just as I was getting my left foot onto the steps of the bus, some fucking Bangla tried to push his way up from the side. I instinctively elbowed his face and pushed him away, much to the amusement of the other Singaporean passengers around me, and told him to “fuck off asswipe”.

On the hindsight, I felt a little sad because I didn’t put enough weight into elbowing his fucking face.

And this is just how they take buses back to their shipyard dormitories. How can we expect to see anything different once they start congregating at void decks to drink, eat and to party? How can we be expected to compromise and to adapt to their styles, when the Government has been telling us for so long now that, “Singapore’s our home”?

To end off, let me just mention a couple of places that would be ideal to house all foreign workers… places such as <b>Jurong Island, Kusu Island, Pedra Branca, Sister’s Island</b>…