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Jamming and performing with Clarence and Ivan has taught me alot indeed, both musically, and with regards to life in general. There’re really no boundaries between us, no holding back on both praise and criticism – and that’s what I like in a band.

Take me and Ivan for instances. Back in the days of Shakenotstirred, we had countless run-ins, and a few times where words almost turned into blows. But ultimately at the end of the day, we could put our differences aside and worked together as musicians. Whatever personal problems we had were never brought into the studio, and most importantly, never on stage. The lines between our personal lives and professional lives were drawn clear, and we never crossed them. What I liked best was how we settled our problems. We faced off, we shouted, we cursed and swore at each other, but at the end of the day, we could settle our problems once and for all because we were willing to confront each other and to trash things through.

I don’t have a beer with me now, but if I did, I’d raise a toast to Clarence, Ivan, Jeremy, to older days with Shakenotstirred, and to new musical beginnings.