So many things happening recently that I don’t even know where to start, or if I should even start.

I’m just really glad this week’s going to be over soon and I can get some semblence of order back in my life, with the multitude of gigs being cleared this week alone. No more practices dragging me away from my friends, block stuff and from spending time with the most important person around – myself. I’ve skipped every single lecture this week (yay me), and I’m not proud of it. I’ll probably start heading back for lectures next week or so.

I’ve already fucked up my life as it is, and it really is time for me to stop fucking it up any further.

I’m probably a fucking wreck as compared to some of my friends back in secondary school, hell even those from JC, or in D block with me. I’m not proud of my “accomplishments”, neither do I think that it makes me special or cool, don’t judge me on what I choose to do with my life, friend.

I drink, I smoke, I do the occasional illegal shit now and then, but these are all lifestyle choices.

You wanna curl your hair? Do it.

You wanna have ice lemon tea over coke? Do it.

You wanna attend lecture next week rather than today? Do it.

It’s probably not a good comparison, but you get my drift. I made the choices in my life, I chose to smoke, to drink, and to generally fuck my life up, but that doesn’t make me a bad person per se. My lifestyle choices do not affect who I am, and what I am in general. Yes, my lifestyle choices may be detrimental to the ones around me who really do care for me, but its my life, and I would like it very much if you could accept what I’m doing to myself, and just either be with me or be against me.

This academic year started out horribly wrong and completely out of whack, let’s just hope that it won’t stay this way throughout or I’m seriously fucked.

More time alone on the rooftop with my smokes, music and the hammock should do me some good.

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