I see the executive committee members from a certain club seem to have mastered the art of Tai-Chi very well indeed.

I happened to check my CCA records a couple of days ago and realised that I did not get my base points, along with my performance points for my short stint in this particular club. So I smsed a few people from the club, and they told me to contact a few of the “more important” people, ie. the chairman.

Here’s the reply I got from him.

“I’m not sure exactly how many [points]. That’s handled by the main comm

Interestingly enough here’s the msg one of the main comm members sent me prior to me texting the chairperson himself.

[chairman’s hp number]… [chairman]’s handphone number. He is in charge of the points system and he is the president of the club. Tell him that I gave you his number.

So now I think I might be shortchanged for my participation because 90% of them do not require any form of CCA points to stay on, which means they really couldn’t be bothered about the points system since its of no use to them at all.