Okay for foos like Fysh (who called himself FYSH LEONG on facebook) and Huiwen (who replied with a “nod” for on my comments), here’s your long awaited update :@.

Nothing much been’s happening apart from hall stuff and school work. Yes, I know its fucking boring, but eh fuck you think my life’s so happening issit?

shakenotstirred just did our AHM gig, along with our latest gig at Ben and Jerry’s last week, and we did a pretty fucking good job. Went there, rocked the place down, and at the end of it all, got paid and had fun. So kudos to the band. Photos’ll be up soon, or as soon as I can bother to upload them, whichever comes first.

KRockers, aka my hall’s band, will be playing at TGIO (Thank God It’s Over) tomorrow night, and I’ll be playing for both the Disco Band, or more affectionately known as Disco69, and the finale band. It’s a refreshing change to be playing with different people of different musical styles and backgrounds. I’m also playing for NUS’s CAC band for some holland V gig, so I’ll post infomation up again when the date draws nearer.

Ok I just thought about something to bitch about. Let’s bitch about morons who post stupid comments on IVLE forums, and morons who ask stupid questions during lectures/tutorials.

There’re guys who make wierd comments like “YESSSS UK! GO UK!” in the middle of political science lecture, morons who are either fucking brainless, or who never bothered reading their texts for English, and end up asking stupid questions like “Can disgraceful and disgruntled be split into dis-grace-ful, and dis-gruntle-ed respectively.” Fuck off and read your knn text lah. Morons.