Reading through the email I just sent to my bandmates, I realised that it was actually very, very bloggable material.

In my email, I talked about self-confidence and cockiness in a performing musician. I’m sure that not many people will agree with me, but personally I feel that self-confidence, bordering on cockiness, is one the most, if not the most, important factor a musician can take on stage with him/her.

True enough, you need the skills and experience to perform live and in public, but confidence is an aura that you exude and people feel. A musician with average skills and experience level, but with confidence on stage is definitely more appealing to the public as compared to a skilled musician with no confidence.

I choose to think that my skill as a drummer, along with my gigging experience is definitely above average, and I do know for a fact, that my confidence level on stage behind the drumset is adequete, bordering (or rather, exceedingly) on cockiness. People have commented on the fact that they found my stage presence, together with my chops and groove, was definitely a plus point. However, some other people have told me that my stage presence and cockiness was a bit of a turn off at times.

Any comments on the various trains of thoughts?