Knn I actually tried to cut down on using too much vulgarities on my blog because I realised that a whole shit load of people read my blog, and since everybody thinks I’m a chao ah beng, I tried to cut down on vulgarities so people would think that I’m just some witty mofugger online.

But Jay Tay you motherfucking gay slut you made me use vulgarities on my blog. Just for you, you cumstained chickenshit pencil-dicked son-of-a-bitch, I’ll not bother about what everyone else thinks of me.

You have no leadership abilities whatsoever. You are just an arrogant stumpy piece of shit that happened to be ******’s manager, or store-man, seeing how you spend your time cooped up in your pathetic little store-room, trying to figure out ways to “cut costs” and cut our working timings.

Good luck on trying to solve your fucking discrepancies for drumsticks, accessories and whatever else that’s missing because you can get your gay-pet to help you while I spend the remaining 30 days of my work talking to the others, playing on the drumset, playing on the practice pad, or smoking and taking really long breaks.

Have fun, because you ain’t getting free fucking labour no more you son-of-a-bitch and good luck trying to get your drumsticks back in order because guess what? I’m not gonna help out with the drumsticks, as a matter of fact, before I leave, I’m gonna remove 25% of the sleeves and mess them all up, just so you’ll have one hell of a time trying to rearrange them.

Senior executive? Fuck off you don’t fool anybody. At the end of the day, you’re just a storeman, and you’re still gay.