Thursday. 17th May 2007. 2100 hours (or 9pm for you fools who didn’t serve NS). Cathay. Ben and Jerry’s. Top40s. Come kthx.

On a side note, something to ponder upon… How did blogs evolve from an online diary to a online photo diary to an online scandal/sex-life/provocative diary?

Something else to ponder on… does blogging in a provocative manner or about provocative topics make you cool because it gives you e-rep or e-cookies?


Nah. Fuck that.

My blog’s not provocative, its not scandalous, neither is it er… something bad. But eh nabei jibai (no more cheebyes because it sounds too ang mor. jibai sounds more singaporean pls.) my blog is sibei kanpua kaopeh what so people like to read. If I start blogging about how some jibai wants to implement some jibai laws to make us work hard bla bla bla pros and cons bla bla bla economical slum bla bla lampah I think everybody will just alt-f4 (or cmd-q on macs) my blog lah naohiah.

So, limpeh never blog about that lansai. Limpeh blog about how come lantiu fella did some lantiu thing that made limpeh very dulan so limpeh kao peh kao bu. Then in the end also lan lan suck thumb.