Dear Santa,

I know Christmas isn’t around the corner yet, but seeing how you didn’t give me my fucking 14×6 Craviatto Solid Shell snare last year, I figured I could ask for something now and hopefully get it.

If you read my blog Santa, please get me a set of LP bongos:

and the matching djembe as well..

Don’t worry, I’ll get the bongo stand and djembe sling myself. Oh don’t forget the padded cases for the djembe and bongos okay Santa?

p/s: I still want my craviatto solid shell, my k mastersounds, my k custom medium ride and that k splash. oh and my 12″ black panther steel snare.

pp/s: like now.

ppp/s: or I’ll kill you.

pppp/s: just kidding haha.