Hello dear readers (or lack of), I have been (b)inspired by Charlotte’s blog to be a photo whore. Being a very lousy photo-whore due to the time I spend playing WoW and practicing rudiments and basically bumming around, I’ve only managed to photowhore 2-3 photos. To make it up to you guys, I’ll randomly link random photos in. 4 to start with today, 4 again tomorrow because I said so.

After spending 3+ hours walking around orchard trying to look for a nice cap, me and thia finally found decent looking trucker caps at QC. I got my life time membership at the Jesus Christ Fan Club, while thia got his at the Tit Club. (We saw a cap with a hooded skeleton and the words “AFFLICTION” on it, which would have been the perfect cap for Ian Tay Junjie aka most feared rogue on Barthilas, seeing how he’s turned into the most feared warlock on Aman’Thul. Oh, warlock with affliction spec. Too bad the cap was $79.)


This is the cap when I wear it. Very mat, yes. Fuck you too.

This is how my hair looks now if I decide to style it up and not just lump a cap on my head. Yes it’s light brown/golden, no I’m not a chao ah beng, but you can choose to carry on thinking so you pubor kia. nabei ga limpeh sng siao. puabye. Seriously, I’m not beng at all. Not at all.

And since no blog entry is complete without a proper photo-whoring of my girl, here’s my girlfriend in all her glory. Oh new friends on her too. 14″ A custom hihats, snare batter’s changed to evans st dry coated and I got myself some jam blocks too.