Good news, and bad news, my dear readers (of lackof).

The good news? I’m working on Good Friday.

The bad news? I’m going clubbing. AGAIN

After last wednesdays tak-glam episode at Zouk (and outside too…), I felt the need to redeem myself, thus I’ve set myself on this Holy (read: horny) Crusade to rid myself of my tak-glamness, which is why I’m all ready at Fabian’s hostel room waiting for the mofugger to lie to his girlfriend, and for us to head down to look for Thia. Thia if you’re reading this, so sorry my number won nigga I forgot to bring your satanic ring again.

Anyway regarding my work on Good Friday, I’ll be paid twice the pathetic amount I’ll earn for a day, and my boss isn’t around, so all you mofugging jizzypops can pop by Plaza Singapura’s Yamaha combo-shop to look for me and maybe grab a coffee together or something.