Dear Dad,

Thank you for bringing me up and seeing me through my childhood and my adolescent years. Thank you for seeing me through Primary School, Secondary School and JC. Thank you for being there for me when I enlisted, and for going through all those rough patches I had.

Thank you, but fuck you.

Fuck you for being that calculative, callous assflute in my life. Fuck you for always denying me what I want because YOU think that it isn’t good. Fuck you for assuming that you’re always right. Fuck you for making me feel as if I owe this family a debt that I’ll never be able to pay back.

There’re times when I long to come home and just bum around, just to be at home. But with you, you make my life at home purgatory with your callous remarks, insensitive comments and your constant nagging. I may look back 10-20 years from now and regret saying such stuff, or even thinking about them, but in the mean time, the ability to curse, swear and rant it all out is something that you can’t deny me.

Thank you, but fuck you too.