Here’s an update for all you “loyal” visitors to my blog (grand total of 25 trolls naohiah). I’ve not been updating much recently due to certain mitigating factors.

Firstly, I’ve started working at Yamaha, so I won’t be able to post much (duh). Work is good because it involves me messing around on the snares, the cymbals and the e-kit. And occassionally acting busy by rearranging drumsticks, cleaning the guitars and sticking stickers onto various items.

Secondly, I’m hooked on channel surfing, so you’re more likely to find me sitting in front of the google box rather than er google HAHA.

Thirdly, I don’t feel like updating much.

Ok on a last note before I fall asleep, there’s been a hell lot of searches redirecting to my blog under the search terms “BEN AND JERRYS AUDITION SINGAPORE”. Let me help out some poor souls here.

The audition’ll go like this… Jason (or Victor) will ask you guys to play 3 songs of your choice, and I’d highly recommend radio-friendly tunes because it IS catered for the general public so its good to have people singing along to songs they know. Don’t fuck up the 3 songs, make sure your timing is right and your vocalist doesn’t “zao siah”. Drummer, don’t lose that beat and please for fucks’ sake don’t show off your limited chops if you don’t have anything to show case. It’s better to keep a steady tempo/beat/groove than to show off and end up looking and sounding like a complete n00b. Trust me, I’ve seen my fair share of stupid drummers who think it’s cool to pull off 32nd note snare drum rolls, then lose the beat completely, coming in 1 beat too late or too early. You sound like shit. Guitarists, solos would be ideal, again, IF you can pull them off.

I’ll say it again – general band “tightness” and keeping in time as a band is definitely more important than showing off chops. Feel free to show off during the gig itself, but keep it safe and simple for the auditions.

After you finish the 3 songs, Jason or Victor will ask your band to play a birthday song, so it’d be good to plan a chord chart in advance. Don’t let the birthday song be a chop-fest song because, always remember that you’re playing at an ICE CREAM PARLOUR you’re catering to the public. The public’s more interested in how your vocalist sings the song and how your guitarist/s pull/s off the solos in the song rather than how fast you can pull off a quintuplet-roll using traditional grip while spinning your right stick around and double-pedalling using heel-toe method. Nobody gives a shit unless you’re doing a drum solo.

Again, I implore all you drummers who’re reading my blog because you’re interested in auditioning for BNJ. Please don’t throw the face of drummers around and please keep a steady tempo. Groove, keep time, and show off the chops if you can. But if you can’t (or don’t have the confidence to show off your chops), just keep a groovy beat and KEEP TIME. People will respect you for what you play as long as you deliver it with confidence.

All the best to all budding musicians/bands.

Good night work tomorrow knn.