To all my loyal readers, limpeh would like to say, Happy Lunar New Year, and may all you little trolls huat 1x hohseh during this short span of er a few days. Pls do not forget to keep me in mind when you maggot scums receive like fucking huge and huat red packets because I’ll probably not receive as much this year… for some reason I think my relatives discovered the joys of purple $2 notes.

Anyway I hope all my loyal readers aren’t sick like me – down with flu, fucking cough, and a mild fucking fever coupled with severe fucking body aches. But fuck it, I’m still eating all the bak kwa and abalone and hoh liao tomorrow and the after tomorrow.

Lastly because its like 3.30am and I’m sleepy I’ll just summarize it.

I fucking abhore and detest and loathe and fucking cheebye hate backseat fucking puboh drivers who tell you everything from your speed to your clutch control to how many fingers I have wrapped around the steering wheel to my sitting posture while driving the fucking car. For crying out loud, is it really that fucking hard to shut the fuck up and trust me with driving the fucking car? I’m not the only sentient driver on the fucking road am I? If I do screw up badly on the roads, I’m quite certain the other drivers, or the fucking TP will fucking let me know.

Knnbccb. Backseat drivers for the fucking lose pls.