Nostalgia’s like emotional cancer. It hits you when you least expect it to, and it lingers in you for a while, decaying and turning your emotions into this pile of unrecognisable mush.

For one reason or another, Jason Wade’s rendition of You Belong To Me has been on loop on my iTunes since last night, and it has been the only song on my ipod playlist to and fro camp.

For one reason or another, everytime the song starts I get this sudden nostalgia attack and my mind starts to drift off back to my JC days.

And for some reason or another, I look back and wonder what possessed me to do what I did back then.

But nostalgic emo posts aside, the band’s playing at Ben and Jerry’s Cathay on the 15th Feb 2007 at 8pm. A few of the songs we’ll be playing are:
1. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
2. Hinder – Lips of an angel
3. Lifehouse – Blind

And once again, the band (shakenotstirred) is made up of:
1. Rhythm guitar/Vocals – Peh
2. Lead guitar – Ivan
3. Bass guitar – Yu Hui
4. Keyboards – Charlotte
5. Drums – Me