My dearest apple powerbook g4. You have led me thru the Valley of Shadows, led me from thru The Barrens, into Crossroads, to Orgrimmar and into Ferelas. You have brought me to exotic places like Stranglethorn Vale and into the Badlands. But tonight, you chose to abandon me and just give up. You chose to die on me. You chose to give me that sickening grinding noise, show me those red words that spelt “FAILED” and chose not to fight the good fight.

You disgust me. You fill me with anger – anger towards you lack of a fighting spirit. Anger towards your abject lack of willpower and determination.

You make me sick. Sick at the fact that you couldn’t tap into your reserve energy, to propel yourself just abit more, and to make yourself a better er… laptop.

You gave up. You threw in the towel. You let me down.

p/s: I wonder when Apple’s gonna change my harddrive for me. They’d better do it fast, WoW sure lags like hell on my desktop.