Couple of days ago, I met Fysh at Lot1’s Mac Donalds for either lunch or dinner or both at the same time. I couldn’t really be sure, cuz the minute i stepped near Mac Donalds, my attention was literally owned by the huge sign hanging outside Mac Donalds, promoting their Mc Huat Ah! burger.

You know, that little advertisement with 2 satanic little kids trying to keep awake (and failing miserably) to help their parents “shou ye” on Lunar New Year’s Eve, and their grateful parents grudgingly ordering 2 Mac Donald’s burgers to reward them? And that stupid little cliched line that goes (in Mandrin), “Because you’re helping your parents “shou ye” and wishing us longevity, you parents have thus decided to reward you little twits with ever-lasting wealth, but because we’re too poor to buy you diamonds, stocks or bonds, we’ve bought you Mc Huat Ah! burger. Here’s wishing you many huat years ahead!”

Yeah anyway to cut the long story short, I ordered a Mc Huat Ah! burger, chicken because we all know that chicken’s healthy and beef gives you Mc Cow Disease. (Harhar.) Fysh took the beef, because he thinks he’s healthy and fit because he shot a few hoopz at the basketball court.

I took a bite of my Mc Huat Ah! (chicken) and literally spat it out because it was bland. You know when people talk about eating snakes? “It tastes like chicken – tasteless.” Fuck yeah, it was tasteless with immense amounts of black pepper sauce.

It was a very anti-huat night for me. Unlike today, where its quite huat, because I ordered a Mc Huat Ah! burger in beef, risking the Mc Cow Disease and all that fuck jazz, and yes I have to agree, Mc Huat Burger in Beef is very Mc Huat and Mc Nice indeed. Mc Props to McDs for giving us such a Mc Huat burger to make our Lunar McNew Year so Mc Huat Ah!