Ok I just moved my kit out for a photo session to whore my new Phattie snare. Here’re some photos and specifications.

Driver’s seat view:

Front view (ignore the gay stickers pls)

Whoring my Phattie snare:

Specs on my kit:

– Tama Stagestar in Jet Black
– 14″ Sabian AAX Stage Hats
– 15″ Zildjian K custom dark thin crash
– 17″ Zildjian A custom crash
– 20″ Sabian AAX Stage Ride
– 13×5.5 Steel Tama Snare
– 14×5 Phattie 6ply Maple Snare in red satin finish
– Pearl Eliminator double-chained single pedal (black cam, medium tension)
– Evans G2 clears over Evans G1 clears on toms
– Aquarian attack batter for snare and some aquarian reso head