To quote Fysh, “when u’re in deep shit, think of 2-3 people u’d go to and who’ll help you.”

Yeah I’ve got my fair share of friends who won’t do things behind me, against me or basically put up a false front. You may not think that its a serious matter, or that I’m overreacting. But let’s just say that to me, it’s serious enough to spoil my mood for the past couple of days. You may think that its trivial and that I’ll probably simmer down and think rationally, but I am thinking rationally. I haven’t thought anything in my life through with such rationality before, and I’ve never weighed my friends and asked myself what I want in a friend I can count and depend on. Perhaps you might have been someone I could have counted on and depended on, but then again, I did say could, didn’t I?

Well, I’ve made my point crystal clear and I stand by everything I say. Rebutt all you want and scoff at whatever I’ve told you to “justify” my points (why justify? I don’t owe anybody anything do I?), but ultimately think through it and tell me if it makes sense.

And to Fysh, yeah, bros 4 lyfe nigga.