There is no such thing as true love in the world, or for that matter, anywhere else. You’ll find thousands of people who propogate the fact that, “True love is when two people fall in love because they both fell in love with each other’s heart!” or some similarly nonsensically worded bullshit. Well fuck that, Uncle Alvyn says that true love exists because people just need a legitimate reason to justify how they fell in love, when it all started out from lust.

A cynic I may be, but the fucking truth, I do speak. How many people can touch their hearts, honestly, and say that they don’t care if said person doesn’t own a nice car, doesn’t have immense amounts of money, and doesn’t have lots of free time? Nobody can say that. How many people can honestly touch their hearts and say, “Hey I fell for this person because he was nice to me and really cared for me. Though he isn’t good looking, doesn’t have a nice ride and doesn’t compare up to a lot of people in terms of monetary abilities, I still love him because he has done so much for me and looked out for me for so long!” Nah. In my humble fucking opinion, none. True, along the way, such excuses and reasoning’ll probably pop up and become part and parcel of the reason for a relationship. But limpeh ka li kong, its all a bunch of bullshit excuses.

Somewhere along the line, love became measured in the ability to provide. Not just love, TLC and a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Love has evolved (in a really fucked up way if I may add) into the ability to provide material comfort, convenience, and most importantly, a sign of status. It never ceases to piss me off when I hear girls talk about how they aspire to be rich tai tais, and live off their husbands riches. If feminism exists, and womans’ rights exists, then I guess some females shouldn’t be protected under it. Why the fuck should there even be gender equality, if all a few females wanna do is just live off the husband? Why don’t we just classify them as the “weaker sex”, abolish all charters and acts protecting them, and just protect guys, since guys’ll be the ones working and slogging so that their wives/girlfriends can live off them? Good fucking idea, no?

This maybe insulting to some, it may piss some off, it may even make some people post fucking stupid comments about how myopic I am, but hey, with one finger, I say, FUCK THAT.

Ben’ll probably not be reading my blog, but Fysh’ll probably read it. And I’m not trying to drag up old stuff, but hey, if either of you guys are reading it, I can truly say that I know how Ben felt back then, and hey dude, I’m really sorry. Karma works both ways I guess, and karma doesn’t give a fuck who you are.