I’m not angry. Annoyed and pissed off, maybe. But definitely not angry. What’s there to be angry about? When things don’t work out the way you’d expected it to, just dump it in favour of something else that may work in your favour.

Why call each other “bro” when its superficial? Is it really that cool to be associated with the people you hang out with? Does hanging out with each other for a long time naturally make us blood brothers? The answer’s no. I don’t call Fysh “bro” when I meet him, and neither does he. We don’t even bother saying anything like that because we’ve known each other for over 6 years, and I dare say I know his character as well as he knows mine. We don’t hide anything from each other, and we sure as hell don’t try to keep each other in the fucking dark over anything.

You called it a friendship. I call it a sham.

You called me your brother, I call it bullshit.

If the price to find out a person’s character’s the friendship itself, then this was a really good deal, and I’m glad to say that this is one transaction that went down in my favour.