Touted as Singapore’s fastest broadband supplier when it first launched, SCV was supposed to bring Internet Surfing to a whole new level of dizzyingly fast speeds, blazing fast downloads and lagless online gaming. All was well in the beginning when it was still under trial, I clocked upload/download speeds of 500-600kbps, and that’s not BITS per second, that’s BYTES per second. And then they corporatized and launched the commercial version of SCV Maxonline with varying speeds. I signed up with Maxonline 3200, which was supposed to be more than enough for just normal internet surfing, blogging, and online gaming.

What I do not comprehend is why I’m facing frequent and consistent disconnects via the modem, each little tantrum lasting anything from 5 seconds to 5 hours. At the same time, if I’m lucky enough not to disconnect, I’ll clock 1500+ms latency (that’s a 1500 milisecond, 1.5 second LAG time) on an Australian server, while my peers on Singnet broadband are clocking 200-300+ ms.

Singapore’s broadband isn’t all that bad, just capped, restricted, buggy and laggy. But SCV really takes the cake this time around, because coupled with their really fucked up connection and speed, they’re got a bunch of fucked up customer service technicians who thought of me as a computer nub and tried to smoke me that it was probably my internet connection settings that was disconnecting the modem (read: shennanigans), then tried to smoke me that I probably spoilt my modem thus resulting in wonky connections.

Sigh excellent service and support SCV. I