More often than not, we tend to do things without thinking of the outcome, without thinking of the consequences and whether we were prepared to face up to the results of our actions. As such, we tend to look back and wonder what the outcome would have been if we’d taken a different approach, or wonder what possessed us to make such a move in the first place.

But I say, get something done and don’t look back. There’s not point regretting what you’ve done, there’s no way to undo what you’ve done except to move on and salvage whatever can be saved.

p/s: Eh all you naohiah kias consperm will think that I did something bad lor I tell you ok, NO I neh do anything naughty or bad fuck you all ok if you message me on msn or leave a comment like “ZOMG WHAT DID JOO DO” i swear I’ll bitch slap your balls so hard they’ll carrom into your anus and out of your throats. :@