Ok so, I got my hands on a copy of WoW, and I’m sorry to say I’m hooked onto it. It’s damn addictive and in a way, entertaining and fun because I have absolutely nothing to do now that I’m clearing leave, save for mambo-ing, drinking, smoking and sleeping. Ah well, life’s such a mysetery at times.

One a more random note, I love the rainy weather. All you haters should just get soaked by the rain and struck by lightning! This is by far the best weather EVER. Alone in your room with nice music, a cup of hot coffee, a pack of nice ciggys and WoW (or whatever form of entertainment you choose) is the best thing to do on a rainy, stormy, thundery and cold day. Sigh if only the weather was like this daily.

Only problem I’m facing now’s the fact that my left kneecap and my left ankle, yes the ankle with the fucked up torn ligament in it, are hurting like two whiny bitches every night when the weather gets cold. I stand up after playing WoW, and my knee cap cracks and hurts like a bitch. I sit down after a while and bending down hurts too. I walk to to kitchen for a drink, or to the window for a smoke and my left ankle hurts. Goddamn PAIN is driving me insane mofuggers.


Good lord I’m ranting I don’t even know wtf I typed for the last 2-3 minutes AHAHAHA I FUCKING OWN.