When I was just a chao recruit,
I asked my sergeant, what will I be?
Will I be PC? Will I be 3SG?
Here’s what he said to me.

Lancheow you, recruit,
Whatever will be will be,
This is not your dad’s army,
So knock it down twenty

On a more serious note, Walas is amazing because the drummer is amazing. Why is he amazing? Because he’s fat and he lays down a fat solid groove, so there. So now I’m just waiting for the day they give me the green light to lay down fat funky grooves ala mini-solos in the middle of the song. Then I’ll be a sticky drummer. Get it? Stick? Sticky? Hah hah. I’m so fucking funny someone please give me a cookie (spelt MARLBORO for you noobs out there.)

On a even more serious note, I really don’t like it when people close to you do things behind your back. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not doing things to you behind your back, but planning things, doing things behind your back and hoping that you don’t find out for some wierd reason or another. It’s probably karma, seeing how the exact same situation played itself out back in 2004. Different parties, same situation. Same same but different.

Sometimes I wonder how I’m ever going to quit smoking if all I do when I’m down and emo is to face the window, pick up a stick and light up. In a twisted way, it actually makes me feel better knowing that I’m fucking my own lungs up. In a really morbid way, of course.

I’m probably ranting in this post, I can’t really see any semblence of a structure in my post, but hey who’s complaining, and most importantly, who’s blog is it anyway?

I really really have this thing against girls who live their sad little lives wishing and hoping to hook up with a rich guy who’ll (hopefully) shower her with lavish gifts and presents, cover her allowance when she goes shopping, and oh yes, fuck her brains out while he’s at it. I don’t know if its the cynical bastard in me or the middle-income-group-fella in me speaking, but I don’t only have a thing against girls (NO PUN INTENDED) who’s life ambitions are to become tai tais, but I really fucking detest and loathe them. I may put on this facade of false humour, false concern and fucking false everything else because I don’t see why I should be a mean fucker just because her twisted thinking’s way different from mine, but don’t take me at face value – I really, really cannot stand it. I’m sorry, let me rephrase that, I think it’s morally fucked up to have that kind of thinking, and its plain superficial and shallow. It reflects on how “intellectual” you are.

Sometimes I wonder if they’re just trying to prove a point, like I’m a female I lack a male reproductive organ, thus I can use my sexuality to hook guys who’re rich but can’t land a proper chick, get fucked by them, fake an orgasm, and then drain them off their money.

Wake up.