The joys of being a singaporean. First you are told not to complain that much simply because tourists from other countries would brand us a nation of people who love complaining. Now we’re given an outlet to literally, spam our complains.

Being the typical Singaporeans we are, we complain about every single motherfucking issue under the sun, ranging from how people jaywalk to how people study in libraries using chairs, even to how people can bring RC helicoptors on board MRTs. has quickly evolved into a place where the typical holier-than-thou person checks regularly to post scathing and “constructive” comments towards how we should or should not be doing things. For example, I wonder how many times I’ve seen kids, adults and senior citizens alike, using the cushions at CCK library to sleep, running around the library, or sleeping at the table designated for reading. The fucking irony is that nobody actually bothered to complain about that, yet when students are studying, they bitch whine and moan. Eh wake up your idea lar.

At the same time, its for myopic and sexist clowns to post photos of commuters not giving up their seats to the “needy” on the MRTs.
This, for instance. Gallant men, give up your seats? How about, give up your seat to creature of the same gender, my fair lady seated on the left of the 3 gallant men. How’d you feel if you just had CCA training, or work, and you fall asleep on the train, only to have some trigger happy son (or daughter) of a bitch snap your photo and put it online for the world to condemn? Eh fuck lar, learn some common sense lar naohiah.

Wow this is the best of the best! Eh fuck you lar holier-than-thou non smokers. Just because the gahmen set up “smoking” and “non-smoking” zones in coffee shops and hawker centers, doesn’t mean that we can’t smoke anywhere we like ok. True, its against the law, but then let me introduce you to a new law ok? Do whatever the fuck you want, but don’t get caught. So let the man enjoy his cigerette in peace and go take photos of your own hairy ass crack or whatever pleases you ok. By exclaiming loudly when the smoker spat on the ground, our wonderful Singaporean only demonstrated how much of a coward she is, by failing to confront the smoker about his allegedly disgusting act. If you “exclaimed” loudly when I spat on the ground, I’d probably turn around and ask you, “Want a closer look?” before spitting into your face.

The absolute joys of being a Singaporean. I’m just waiting for the day to come when some fucking free fuck decides to snap a photo of me in long 4 walking home with fuckers complaining about “WHY MY SON IN BMT MUST WEAR SMART 4 HE CAN WEAR LONG 4 NO NEED TO WEAR JOCKEY CAP HAIR CAN SO LONG ONE HUH?” nabei I tell you if limpeh kena that limpeh will buy 4D. 200 big 200 small. No need to wait sia. Sure strike 1st prize.