It’s amazing how every parent thinks that their kid is by far, the smartest and most talented kid around, and sends them for every single lesson available – piano, speech and drama, swimmming lessons, etc. To make things worse, they make their kid practice scales, arpeggios and every single fuckshit piano piece they can lay their grubby paws on, at night.

They smirk, because they think their kid’s the future Beethoven. But I say, Beethoven was deaf, would you like me to make your kiddo deaf too?

They smirk, because they think their kid’s the future Mozart. But Mozart’s dead, would you like me to kill your kiddo too?

They think that their kid’s playing sounds like an orchestra piece, and that its performance worthy, thus they deem it fit to torture my ears nightly by letting IT practice. I say, your kid’s playing’s suitable for those Chinese Funeral Bands, and I think that my dog can play a better piece than your kid can.

Then they complain that my drumming’s too loud, at 2pm in the afternoon. I say, your kid’s playing sounds like crap, either at 2pm or at 10pm at night, and my drumming owns your kid’s playing so bad, it makes Baby Jesus cry.

Its also amazing how some people can complain about “noise level being too high”, when they move furniture, play music and quarrel late at night. For some reason, it never ceases to amaze me, they’re affected by noise at 2pm in the afternoon, yet they’re not affected by their own noise at 10pm at night. Probably some defect in their genes, or flaw in their gene pool.

Fucking morons.