After an emergency band meeting at Al-Azhaar last night, our multi-talented vocalist/guitarist/bassist-wannabe/drummer-wannabe found out that he had left his headlights on, and thus, drained his car batteries! But it was not a problem for our multi-talented waterpolo/polisman/safe driver/lead guitarist ivan and our demure/petite bassist/tank-commander/mother yu hui, along with designated photowhore/photographer/keyboardist/unable-to-be-a-driver charlotte chew, and as a result, the car was up and running in only slightly more than an hour! We, indeed, are the perfek band because come what mayth, we areth ableth to DEFEATH IT MWAHAHA. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves before I get smote by God for lying thru my teeth. Kthxdie.

The horror! Thank God there was a TANK in the vicinity, and thus we could connect a jumper cable from the tank’s DIESEL/PLUTONIUM/NUCLEAR generatorz to the flat battery on Peh’s car!

After getting shocked by the uber powerful tank DIESEL/PLUTONIUM/NUCLEAR/BABY powered generator, Ivan, Peh and myself gathered around to discuss how we should go about punishing the n00b driver, Peh, for his costly oversight that made us all tired and sweaty by pushing his car around the car park while cute girls in short skirts mocked us behind comfy leather seats inside beastly BMW convertibles.

Peh is sad because we have decided to not intro hot girls to him anymore as a punishment for his costly mistake. I’m sad because that means I won’t be able to get to know the hot girl’s hot friends. Thus, it was a lose-lose situation for us. Is it time for a smoke yet?

Indeed, it was time!

At last, the car could start, and thus we had to go home because it was raining and we might just melt in the rain 😦

Thus everybody was happy. Charlotte the photowhore/grapher was happy!

Mom was happy too, because she’s standing next to her tank.