I fail to comprehend why the government has to enlist strapping young males, who’re entering the prime years of their lives, into the army. Sure, the romantism of the armed forces will always appeal to the young males, especially the alpha males who value the chance to “lead” in the army. The idealism of donning the green camoflage uniform, the various coloured berets, shrugging on the green webbing, lifting up the oily rifle to defend and protect the country that birthed you. The country that you call home.

I fail to comprehend, then, the chasm that exists between the various arms of the armed forces, from the air to the sea, and finally to the land-based troops. Why’s there this divide between an Air Force specialist and an Army Specialist? What can they do that we as land-crawlers cannot do? Do we not train as hard, if not harder than they do? Do we not shed less tears and blood than them whilst in training? Do we not have what it takes to do our job as well as they can do theirs?

I fail to understand, then, the abyss that exists between the different Defence Forces, from the Men in Blue, to the fire fighters, and finally to the fools in green who suffer in silence, only to suffer extra confinement. Why is there a difference in the pay between a police corporal, and an army corporal? Why is there inequality between the fire fighter and the soldier? Are we unable to defend the country as well as the fire fighter and put out a blaze? Are we unable to bear arms the way a policeman bears his service revolver against armed robbers and criminals? Are we, as soldiers of the Motherland, unable to perform our duties that we have given 2 years of our lives to train for?

I fail to see eye to eye with regulars in the armed forces as well. Does signing a piece of paper, signing your life away for 10 years, give you more right, more power and more freedom as compared to us enlistees? Does it mean that we as enlistees aren’t capable of doing our jobs as well as you can perform yours, if not better? Does it mean that we as enlistees aren’t meant to be treated as human beings? Does it mean that you as a regular (idiot), who signed your life away, are bullet proof and invincible in times of war? Without enlistees, would there be a People’s Army? Would there be an SAF to defend the country that throws, unceremoniously, the responsibility of mantaining national security into the laps of 18-20 year olds with lesser benefits than their compatriots who’re busy mantaining social and civil security?

Well, you may have won this round and I may have lost. But bear in mind that in 42 more work days, I will be collecting my Pink IC and abandoning my rank. I’ll embrace my freedom with arms wide open while you continue to embrace your days with empty thoughts of promotions that’ll never come, of rank increaments that will probably never increase.

Bear in mind that in 42 more work days, you will be addressing me as Mister, and I’ll be calling you by your name.

Bear that in mind when you see me around, because I am no longer a lower life form compared to you. On the contrary, you’re shit compared to me because you’re a serviceman, and because I’m a civilian. Because I only wasted 2 years of my life in the army, whilst you’ve wasted close to 6 years.

Because at the end of the day, bear in mind that I’m still more successful than you’ll ever be. Because no matter what you do now, you’ll never catch up. So hey, here’s advice for you, extend your contract and continue protecting me. I might even give you a cookie when I’m done eating.