I traded my 18″ medium crash for a 15″ K dark thin crash, and I realised that it was literally, the trade of the century. I had the better deal, or so I thought, until my phone rang this afternoon while I was in office, and the fellow who happily dealt his crash away to me, asked me to return it to him. I told him no, beceause a deal’s a deal, and I don’t do refunds or exchanges. He didn’t reply me after that.

Luckily for him, he didn’t reply me, or I would have spammed his motherfucking phone with my 1001 uber l33t fucking kanpua silan horrigible messages to make him 01 x fucking pissed off, but impotent to do anything because he only has my handphone number.

Which brings me to point 1. What’s the deal (lol pun) with fuckers who go back on deals that they’ve agreed on? I’ve said it more than once, if you can’t afford it, don’t offer any price, and don’t bargain the price down. Save up until you can get it. Why are people just so fucking stupid?

And now onto point 2. The band made it through the oh-so-fucking-vigorous BNJ auditions and we’re waiting for Jason to schedule us to play. If any of my dear wonderfully wonderful and loyal readers out there have any song suggestions to make, drop it in the comments section! But please do not that due to the nature of the place, I will definitely not play fucking Avenged Fucking Sevenfold or Iron Fucking Maiden and get myself thrown out of the entire complex itself. Top40s and rock would be nice. Have fun!

Last but not least, 52 work days to ORD and counting down before I say goodbye to this puabye army. PUI.