Ok so I finally got around to posting images of my desktop, and this is how it looks like now. Icons courtesy of pixelgirlpresents..


Right, now that I’ve got the hard part down, its time to tell you, my dear readers, about something really exciting. shakenotstirred aka my band, is having our “ceremonial” auditions at Ben and Jerry’s Cathay on Tuesday, at 8.30pm. We only have to play 3 – 4 songs, so I’m sorry if you were expecting more than that. We will, obviously, be playing more than 3-4 songs when we finally get about gigging there, but since we decided not to skip and bypass protocol and audition like how everybody has to, we have no choice but to stick to the audition “rules”, which means we will have to do only 3-4 songs.

Which means I’m in a little dilemma now. I’ll be playing on a 4 piece setup with 2 main crashes along with my hats and ride. I’m deciding if I should bring along my extra cymbal stand just in case they don’t have a spare stand for my 18″ Avedis Medium Crash. As it is, I’m already lugging my Pearl Eliminator pedals, my Yamaha 14×4 maple snare, along with all my cymbals down to BNJ. One more cymbal stand’ll either be worth it, or kill me. Comments, please?

If you decide to head down to watch us, do drop me a line at alvyn07@gmail.com or hit me up on MSN messenger at the same email address. I’ll dedicate our last song to all you wonderful people who’ll come down and watch us! (Yes, wonderful people, because you-who-do-not-turn-up-for-our-audition/show is a fucktard)