I’ve always wondered the rationale behind building our bunks facing an indian temple. I don’t mind the occasional bell chimings, the chantings and stuff because it IS their religion anyway. However, my logic fell to pieces two nights ago while I was happily asleep in my bunk at 11+pm. Some fucking nabei puabye decided to carry out some ceremony then, and the fucking place was SATURATED, I say again, SATURATED, with bell chimings, shoutings, more bell chimings, and 7-8 lorrys driving AROUND khatib area, with a fucking police siren blaring. Don’t ask me why the fuck they have a police siren, because I don’t know.

Initially, I thought it was a funeral procession of sorts, but I looked closely from my 6th floor window and realised to my fucking annoyance, that it was just a group of assholes trying to be funny at 11 FUCKING PM AT NIGHT WHEN I HAVE A FUCKING RUN THE NEXT MORNING AT 0630 HOURS MOTHERFUCKERS.

And what is it with stupid fucktards adding me on friendster? I’ve got assclowns who pose with fluffed up cheeks and FORCED open eyes (aka the bukkake pose), and cumstuds who take endless photos of themselves in different hairstyles or attires, and captioned it with stupid fucking English like “iSh MiE!”. Like fuck lah, am I a fucking magnet for morons? Do I look as if I belong in the same motherfucking clique as you fools? I don’t, period. Call me insensitive or elitist, but believe me I’m neither. I’m just sensible enough to know that anybody who poses like some bukkake wannabe, or tYpEs lYk DiS, are classified under section “FUCK OFF” in my little organiser/diary. So if you fit the profile of a shit-eating-bastard-child-bukkake-wannabe-ah-lian-typist, please do not add me on friendster, because I’ll simply reject you. Find yourself another cumslut to befriend and continue polluting your own fucking gene pool.