Ok so my fucking lips are CHAPPED so badly that I can’t even stretch them, or they’ll fucking bleed AGAIN. Makes me wonder what the hell’s wrong with me. Maybe its the fucking withdrawal symptoms.

On the point of withdrawal symptoms, I am proud, or maybe not, to state that I have smoked a grand total of 2 cigerettes since this morning. And soon enough, I’ll quit. Haha…

Met the band for dinner/supper at al-azhaar just now, and just before boarding 67 with Peh, I realised that my ez-link card was flat and I had no coins on me. Doom on Alvyn time. My faith in Singaporeans was renewed, because some random old lady offered me 80 cents free, even though I offerred to changed my $2 with her. At the same time, the bus driver told me that 80 cents was enough, even though my journey to CCK interchange as an adult would have cost twice. Kudos to them, brownie points to them too. Go Singapore.