We can buy lottery. I mean it. I’m serious. We can buy lottery, and strike consecutive 1st prizes for the next 4-5 months. How lucky can we get?

We were just chilling out at Ben and Jerry’s at Cathay, watching Clarence gig with his house band. The band ended their set around 12am, and as they were packing up and we were preparing to leave, the MANAGER of BNJ came to us and asked us if we wanted to jam cuz it was “after 12am”. So we kinda looked at each other, tossed a coin (best of 5) and decided to go for it.

So us being the stupid kanchiong bananas we are, ran to Ivan’s car, grabbed my cymbal case, Peh’s guitar, Ivan’s guitar, and proceeded to RUN back to BNJ on the 2nd floor. We were sweating like mad shits under the stage light as we set up our stuff. I compromised and play on a crack-less snare, and a super uber tight bass pedal, Ivan’s guitar was insanely loud, and Peh’s guitar was insanely soft. But nobody’s complaining because we got to GIG at the most unexpected time, and the most unexpected place!

The most amazing thing was that after we finished and wrapped up, Peh and I spoke to the manager, who commented that Wideawake – Maybe tonight maybe tomorrow, was a very nice and moving song, and he originally thought that it was our own song. So Peh commented that we’ll play that again during our auditions on the 7th Nov, when the manager gave him the best reply we could’ve ever expected, “What auditions? No need to audition, just come down and practice, then play.”

So basically, I think we just did our audition tonight and we passed it with flying colours even though personally, each of us felt that there was something wrong with the impromtu performance itself, from me speeding up slightly for our first song, to Ivan’s insanely loud guitaring, to Peh’s minor slip up on stage.

But IF the audience didn’t notice any, and felt that overall we did a great job, WHO’S COMPLAINING?

I’m still fucking hyper and high.