Kaninabu I tell you. For some reason nowadays, I’ve been getting annoyed and irritated very easily, especially in the office, on the bus or while taking the MRT to camp (especially TO camp).

For example, I was on the MRT this evening coming home from camp. When I boarded the bloody packed train at Khatib station, there was this fucking kanina aunty trying to push her way out of the train. She was heavily laden with paper bags, and she was fat. Like a fucking COW. And there she was pushing and shoving her way out of the train, thus effectively blocking us from boarding the train. What pissed me off was that the fucking aunty didn’t even muster a single “Excuse me” while pushing her way out of the train. Ni nabeh, machiam we owe her money like that, mouth got gold or something. Cheebye I slap her then her mouth really got “gold”.

Then I boarded the train. It was crowded, no doubt about it, since it was time the worker bees got off from work. Then, a miracle happened, and someone stood up and got off the train at Yishun station, right in front of me. Seeing no old people around, I wanted to take the fucking seat to rest my fucking legs that were aching because of my stupid fucking run. Then this fucking aunty (AGAIN CHAO CHEEBYE), just rushed in and grabbed the seat. In the process her fucking fake LV hand bag hit me on my forearm and almost made me drop my ipod mini. Nabei lucky limpeh was in uniform. If not limpeh confirm tell her to go fuck herself and all her ancestors 1x hohseh.

I really don’t understand all those aunties. Is there like a lesson or lecture to attend when you’re 30-40 years old? “How to be a good aunty/uncle” by Profession Kan Li Zhor Gong Zhap Buay Dai, Kaobeh Kaobu University? If there is, sign me up please. I want to tell that professor to live up to his name and fuck all his ancestors for 18 generations.

Then another thing I want to kaobeh about is very serious. Why do people insist on trying to read whatever you’re reading on the MRT? Newspaper, books, SMS… they’d want to read it all. Like WHAT THE FUCK can’t you buy your own papers, read your own book, sms your own gay fuck buddy or just read my fingers? They spell FUCK YOU VERY MUCH btw. Its fucken kan pua si lang annoying when people try to read your smses when you’re typing. Probably wondering which hot chick I’m smsing right? WRONG FUCKWADS I’M SMSING MY ENCIK TELLING HIM THAT I’M ON MC.

Cheebye I swear I’ll put animal porn on my handphone one day. Then when some nosy fucktard tries to read my messages, I’ll just play the animal porn on full blast and ask him, “SONG BOH U LIKE OR NOT I CAN BLUE TOOTH TO YOU ONE LEH. OR YOU WANT THE MAN FUCK MAN TYPE HUH HUH HUH?” Kaninabu talking about it makes my blood boil. Urgh.

Anyway I’m on leave tomorrow. Thank god the fat fuck approved my leave or I’ll probably be forced to blog this shit from camp and it’ll probably be 10x angstier and more vulgar.

Na Charlotte. I blogged already. I bet you’re fucking happy right.. and you still owe me my prison break. I swear if you don’t pass it to me soon I’ll chop your toes off ala Prison Break Episode 2’s ending.