1. Idiots who repeatedly greet you in the morning, aka trainee style.
2. Idiots who insist on sitting within a smoking zone in a coffeeshop, then complaining about the cigerette smoke.
3. Idiots who give you dirty looks when you smoke within 10m of them.
4. Idiots who try to squeeze their way onto a crowded train or bus, then scream at the passengers when he/she fails to board.
5. Idiots who ignore your signals on the road.
6. Same bunch of idiots who ignore your signals on the road, and cut into your lane without signalling.
7. Idiots who speed up to not let you overtake them (Got prize meh?)
8. Idiots driving a zhng-ed “sporty” looking car who feel the primal urge to race a sports car with a bigger engine.
9. Idiots who think they own the MRT and nudge you ever so subtly out of the place where you were standing. Aka next to the pole.
10. Idiots (aka bangla workers/china workers) who cycle on their uber NOS supercharged bicycles in groups of 4 or more, thus taking up more than 1/4 of the lane. Fucking irritating I wish I could just put the pedal to the metal, floor the accelerator and run them down, GTA style.