oreo cheesecaekThis is a photograph of indulgence and sin. It is called Starfucks Oreo Cheesecake. It owns because it is damn sinful. But since I can’t grow fat, who gives a rat’s ass! At the same time, Charlotte bought herself a Moccha Frappachino and added a lot of extra chocolate powder.sinful indulgence Bliss is this my friend, bliss is this. The deadly combination of oreo cheesecaek and moccha frappachino with lots of chocolate powder. I can feel my blood turning sugary and sweet already!

07102006004.jpgOk, onto a more serious topic now. Jammed with the band today at Alvron studios, and I must say that I’m very impressed with the band, especially Charlotte and Yu Hui. Charlotte, for re-picking up her piano where she left off (at grade 8 no less) and doing a great job indeed. Props to Yu Hui for improving so much from the start and showing really grit and determination. πŸ™‚ You go girl, and we’ll improve as a band. Experience and impromtu playing comes from well, experience, and the only way you’ll get it is to jam more regularly, and with different people, doing different genres of music. I’ll be waiting for you to jio me to trade 4s okay?

Updated The Band page, added link for photos. Will blog about top 10 things that irk me after I finish my 3rd cup of coffee. Yummy coffee.