It didn’t seem that long ago when I remember telling my friends who came to me for “priceless” (or was it worthless…?) advice on their relationship/pseudo-relationship/crush/infatuation problems. I vividly remembered telling most, if not all, of them to “follow your heart, because when you think too fucking much (exact words, I sunpa dua lampa), you start to become the bloody JC kid you are, weighing the pros and cons and trying to evaluate everything you do. And anyway your mind’s gay, so fuck it.”

Haha, I remember most of my friends telling me in a few days time that they were glad they followed their hearts. Of course there were the occasional anomalies who told me that they did follow their heart, but apparantly their hearts were gay too, so they’re just fucked. Whoops.

I remember thinking to myself, “Hey there’s nothing really special about love. Either you love the person, or you don’t. Why’re all the morons getting all emo over another person?” But I guess I can put myself in their shoes now.

Love’s a sin, really. It befuddles your mind, it destroys the logical part of your brain and it makes you do things that you’d probably not do in normal times. Love’s a gift from the Devil himself. When you do fall in love with somebody, you don’t care if she’s attached. You don’t bother if she’s Miss Popular or Miss Most Hated. When you fall in love with somebody, you don’t care what others think. When you fall in love with somebody, you lose yourself in the moment and you lose your ability to think logically.

If love’s a sin, and you’re the precursor to sinning, I’d gladly be the sinner.