The crowd went wild – screaming, jeering, some even crying. Emotions ran high among the audience, and there was more than one dry eye amongst them.

Well I’m sorry, dry eyes may have been a rather rare sight over at Caldecott Hill, but over here in heartlandy Choa Chu Kang, dry eyes were the norm.

It’s finally a singing contest now, and not just stage presence and popularity leading the way. I watched the “fan club” on TV shed tears of sorrow and sadness as Paul was voted off SI, and I wondered to myself, “What the FUCK made the n00bs so blind (deaf?) that they can’t even tell that he CANNOT SING, even if his NUTS depended on it. Urgh.

Well, I’m glad he’s out. It’s a sign, me thinks, with Joakim going out the week before, and Paul going out today. It’s a sign that the general population in Singapore has gone for their annual medical, and in the process have discovered the hearing defect that all seem to have. ENT departments at the various hospitals in Singapore have to be commended for their quick and promt action in handling, and successfully overcoming this aural problem. Kudos to you fellows hur hur.

Oh I just have to add the following:
The reason why Five For Fighting – Superman was such a popular song that DOMINATED the airwaves for a period of time is due to the fact that the lead vocalist’s voice is fucking MIXED to the maxed, and he can switch from his uber voice to his uber fasletto. By downtuning the song and singing it in 100% uber un-l33t voice, the song was completely FUCKED.