So here I am in front of the TV in my mom’s room with my macbook in front of me and I’m online via some wireless connection called, “linksys01”. Well, the signal strength’s pretty high.. 3 bars according to Mr. Airport status.

Yeah I know you ethical morally-upright bastards will probably be leaving comments on this post such as, “ZOMG!!11 yuo r l33ching his megahurtz yuo r stealin!!11oneone.” Well, fuck you very much. My logic stands – if thou leaveth thy wireless connection unsecuredeth, then thou shalt not blame thy neighbour from stealing thy bandwidtheth.

We’re hitting Zouk again this wednesday, Me, Shabbir, Claudia, Peixuan, Carrine, Charlotte, Peh, Siao Hiao and friends. Hur hur this’ll be quite fun, me thinks.

And Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars makes me really wanna chase some cars.

A nice, deserted stretch of road with orange overhead street lights. Crickets making that occasional crickety noise (or whatever you call it) every few minutes or so, chorused by the solitary bark every now and then. The moon, round and bright way up in the starless sky, hypnotizing us with his luminance. Since I’ve got to find a way to adhere to the song, I guess I should be Chasing Cars right about now. But hey, chasing you’s like chasing cars. Gaining the lead initially, but gradually losing it, and losing strength, stamina and speed along the way.

Escape me not, for I r riding a big ass noisy powerful motorcycle foo mwahaha.