So I just finished running my AHM 21km (competitive ok, mai sng sng hor). It was a very enlightening experience, and by enlightening, I actually meant painful. But hey, that’s besides the point isn’t it?

It was a painful experience, but its an experience that I’ll not regret, nor forget.

Now onto redundant questions. You know what pisses me off? (Apart from people who blog and start a sentence with ‘You know…’) Idiots asking his/her friend at AHM, “Eh hello Ah Beng, what’re you doing here?”

“Wah I came here to cook and surf porn loh.”

And, “Wah Ah Beng, which unit you in ah?”

-points to singlet displaying unit logo- “This one loh.”

Why are people so stupid at times. Sigh.

On a side note, I got myself a pair of 13″ zildjian newbeats. Those suckers are amazingly crisp and articulate. I love them to bits.