Ok so it’s 0747 now and I just got back from a night of clubbing at Zouk with Peh, Joseph aka Peh’s friend, Claudia, Peixuan, Shabbir (With his l33t Tuscani) and Charlotte. It was fun, until I swallowed my share of Hot and Sticky, and felt the world turn into a nice shade of blur around me. I was about to plunge happily into that facade of joy, until I realised that Claudia, Charlotte and Peh were all gone, leaving me and Joseph to be happy Fathers/Mother(fuckers).

Well, I won’t dwell on what happened, but I’d admit it was a really fun night. It’s been quite sometime since I got together with Shabbir to party, and party we did last night (or was it this morning..)! Muchos gracious to that ol’ swine for ferrying Peixuan and Claudia back, helping us take care of them and being a nice guy last night. Brownie points for you dude.

And Peh and Joseph, we should club more together, but Joseph, please train Peh more in the Ways of Drinking and make sure he doesn’t concuss after like, that little alcohol please.

On a side note, I saw someone that I didn’t wanna see at Zouk last night. I wonder if it was the alcohol or just me, but I felt like giving that someone a really nice punch in his/her face.

Or would that have been too violent?