We threw up a lot of wierd names for the band yesterday, and here’s a few just to show you how wierd they are. incognito, reconnaissance, drunk drivers. Haha. Any suggestions? If you think you have a queer name for our band, leave it in the comments and I’ll give you a lot of love.

Me and Ivan’s timing are almost impeccable, and I feel that both of our playing styles are in sync. Peh’s singing has improved tremendously too. Princess Xiao Hiao’s doing well on the bass too, but she needs bigger hands. I think she should try to water her hands more and expose it to more sunlight. The Ben and Jerry’s gig’s most probably a wrap. At the rate we’re going, we should be ready to move onto originals and rearranged covers.

My 13″ Zildjian new beat hihats are coming in next saturday, whereas my 14″ Paiste soundformulas have been sold off for SGD$270. New hats, new sound. Photos will be posted when I get the hats.