Words from the mouths of babes, “<insert certain military rank comprising of 3 downward arrows> all really knn paper tigers nia.”

Every year, the Singapore Armed Forces churns out thousands of specialists and officers from their respective Command Institutes, namely SISPEC (School of Infantry Specialists) and OCS (Ossifer Cadet School). Concurrently, the SAF churns out tenfold the amount of Men from the various vocations – Infantry, Guards, Engineers, Artillery, Armour etc etc.

Now, in my unit, the specialists outnumber the men probably 1.5:1, whereas the men are on par with the ossifers. That’s the only constant. In my unit, the specialists are paper tigers, and some (be glad I didn’t say all) the ossifers are really just there because they got lucky and commissioned.

However, the men went through their Trade Course, got posted into their individual batteries and started learning their respective roles. Right. From. The. Beginning.

Now this post may seem like a rant with no foundation, and I’d agree, it probably is. But pray, dear reader, tell me the logic behind the fact that ossifers are treated like demi-Gods (not Gods, because they’re still worthless NSFs), where individual battery rules do not apply to them? Why are the ossifers running around doing nothing, acting as though they know everything, ultimately trying to claim credit for everything? Why are they given the priviledge to hide in the Ossifers’ Mess when Provost’s raiding the bunks of men and specialists? Did the president of the Republic of Singapore give them a “Get everything you want free” card when they commissioned? Does having one black bar give you the right to treat everything below you like dogs?

Remember, rank applies when we’re in uniform, holding onto our green 11Bs, in camp. When we’ve got our pink ICs, we come under the jurisdiction of the Singapore Police Force. When we’re not in camp, we don’t respect the man. We only respect the rank. When we’re not holding onto our 11Bs, when we’re not wearing size M Hock Sing uniforms, when we fail to see the black bar on said-ossifer’s shoulder epulet, said-ossifer better not pull attitude, or said-ossifer will find himself at the receiving end of something blunt and heavy.