I was rudely awakened this morning by a small, grey furry dog who decided that it would be warmer under my blanket, and more comfortable sleeping on my pillow. Thus, I abdicted and decided to do a little research on tattoos.

After talking to the few people around me who’re kinda more supportive and interested in tattoos, piercings the works, I decided that I’d probably get one after I ORD.

While searching for “Sanskrit Tattoos”, I chanced upon a particular page, and this particular paragraph left a distasteful aftertaste in the back of my throat. Here’s a little extract

“Any kind of body piercing, marking, or tattooing is connected to spirit control. The evil spirit many not control the life at the beginning of the involvement with this world, but will certainly seek to do so eventually. Visit a few tattoo shops and witness about the Lord Jesus. You will quickly find that a large number of them are into heathen religions of Native Indians, Hindus, etc. You absolutely cannot separate this sub-culture from evil spirits and heathen religions. When you adopt their culture, you accept the spirit that birthed that culture.”

I’m not trying to be rebellious, or sound like the usual band-wagon hopping, church hating kind of person, but yes, personally I felt insulted. “Any kind of body piercing, marking, or tattooing is connected to spirit control.” Well I apologise for sounding like a moron, but how can body piercing, marking or tattooing be connected to spirit control? Doesn’t that mean that the millions of women around the world who pierced their ears are under the control of some malicious spirit? Or the initiation ritual of the Marine Reconnaissance Unit of branding the words “USMC” with a red hot poker? Does it mean that the Marines are under some form of freaky spirit control? How about the millions of teenagers who’ve tattoos on them? Are they going to hell because of it.

I’m wondering what the fallout’ll be when I get my tattoo/s done. I’ll probably be labelled as a “rebel”, someone who walked down the wrong path, or probably a deviant. Ah well, that ought to be fun, seeing their responses.